Grassroots is proud to be supporting World Mental Health day with a series of talks on Mental Health and Wellbeing. We shall explore how we can better look after our Mental Health, both of ourselves and that of our friends, both when we are well and when we are in need.

We are privileged to have two friends of Grassroots Jews presenting this evening:

Chad Stolper will present his book Too Difficult to Explain, a book about his son David who had Bipolar disorder and died 7 years ago. This is the UK Launch of Too Difficult to Explain; copies of the book will be available for purchase. Chad will donate all net sales of the book will be donated to Mental Health charities. David ...tried to bring meaning to his life by becoming an activist for others who also suffered from mental health disability...In David’s eyes his activist work did not succeed. One night I woke...with the thought that the solution might be for our family to write a book which would enable David to achieve in death what he had failed to accomplish in life.

Dr Jeremy Beider is the founder of Psymplicity, a clinic for mental health and wellbeing. Jeremy will talk about his understanding of emotional health, distress, and disorder, weaving in the themes of the Jewish calendar at this time of year - our personal narratives and journeys, and forgiveness.

This is set to be an important evening on a topic that affects us all and requires more awareness and open conversation.