• Hampstead Heath Extension (map)
  • (Heathgate entrance)
  • NW11 7AR
  • England

This new season offers us fresh fruits, seeds and fungi which grow wild around us. Join us on the Eve of the New Year to learn about the edible plants and fungi which you can find in the city, including a wild food tour of Hampstead Heath led by Michael Green.

Jews have a long tradition of foraging, from Biblical times to the modern day, and discovering wild food is an inspiring way to connect with nature and our roots.

Afterwards (1.30pm onwards), participants (up to six people) are invited to join Michael on a visit to Clara Nehab House, a home for people with dementia, as part of our Tzedakah Project. Join us to welcome in the New Year with elderly members of our community.

Michael Green is an environmental consultant during office hours and forager at most other times. He has been collecting edible plants and fungi for four years.