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You must register in advance - we cannot let you in if you turn up un-registered on the day

We are an independent Jewish collective created by self-inclusion and a welcoming spirit. We gather to be inspired by each other, with the co-creation of meaningful Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur festivals as our motivation.

Each year the three hundred or so folks who create GRJ invest financially and practically (with our minds, hands and time) to sustain our independence, and produce a completely unique celebration of the Jewish New Year with our loved ones.

If this sounds like the sort of High Holy Day home you want to make happen, then JOIN US here: www.grassrootsjews.org/register2016
Any questions? See our FAQs www.tinyurl.com/grjfaq first!

We make space for our own diversity: On a morning at GRJ Rosh Hashanah 2016 you'll likely find meditation, discussion, multi-gender partnership & egalitarian services, a kitchen crew, interactive games, installation art, discussions, kids' activities, a community-sourced potluck lunch and maybe something you have up your sleeve, all nestling happily side by side.

Dan and Rachel are this year's caretakers, but we couldn't do it without everyone else. However, three hundred names seems a bit excessive for this blurb, and, anyway, maybe we haven't met you yet!