Led by Nikki, Katy & Brianne
Together we will be creating a space that will be dedicated to our lost love ones and ancestors. Throughout the High Holy Days all of us, especially those of us who have lost loved ones can come here to sit in quiet, to connect, reflect, pray, or pay respect. Please bring copies of photos, memories, poems & stories with you. Join us to co-create this space for yourself and for our community.

If you can't attend, please email us throughout September with photos or words for anyone that you wish to have included in this memorial space: grjyizkor@gmail.com

*Yizkor ("May G!d remember") is a short communal service of remembrance, which is held four times a year, including on Yom Kippur.
There will be fixed times where candles can be lit.

Entry: e.g. GRJ2016 Members only - you must register first at http://tinyurl.com/iheartgrj