Two parts to this (come to either or both!)
Literally whisk or spoon your way into Stephen and Tarryn's home after FEAST! (around 2030) for a power hour with Del Reid (a life long Jewish Folklorist; Storyteller and Poet).
Del Reid will attempt to throw light on many known and unnoticed elements of both religious and superstitious nature that are in the background of the scene and month prior to the (Rosh Hashanah and the Yomim Norye'im)The Jewish New Year and The ten days of Penitence leading to Yom Kippur.
From the stars in the sky to the shadows at your feet; The Shofar calls to repentance - to the sound of war alarms: From the sincerity of the soul - to its component parts. From the individual's idea of self -to the sum of community spirit.

GRJ2016 Non Members: Minimum two kitchen implements (whisks, spoons, tupperware etc) which will be donated to FEAST
GRJ2016 Members: Minimum One kitchen implement which will be donated to FEAST