GRJ is famed for creating itself from the input of all 300 or so members. And that includes...lunch! Yum! For each day of Rosh Hashanah that you attend, we are all requested and expected to bring a vegan or vegetarian dish, matching the allocations below, which are divided by first names (e.g. if your name starts with 'A' you will bring a main course on RH Day 1 and some drink (soft or alcoholic) on RH Day 2. Please no meat, no fish, and ensure cheese that you use is marked as vegetarian or kosher.

  1. Work out what you are bringing based on the table below
  2. Make / Buy something absolutely delicious that you'd want to eat at a festive meal.
  3. Put your name on your container, lid, and also bring & label a serving spoon.
  4. Label your items RH1 and RH2 so the kitchen crew know if they need to keep it for RH Day 2. Any other labels such as 'gluten free' or 'vegan' would be helpful, but we will have sticky labels on the day.

RH Day 1: A-J: Main dish K-L: Dips M-N: Salads O-Q: Challah R-S: Desserts T-U: Fruit V-Z: Drinks

RH Day 2: A: Drinks B-C: Dips D-E: Salads F-G: Fruit H-J: Desserts K: Challah L-Z Main Dish