GRJ is famed for creating itself from the input of all 400 or so members. And that includes...lunch! Yum! For each day of Rosh Hashanah that you attend, we are all requested and expected to bring a dish.

Marvellous Vegan Pot Luck Picnic

("No one bringing humous is allowed to leave until it is all eaten")

JVS has spent the last year creating the world's first Jewish, vegan community centre. We are really excited to be returning to use this wonderful space for 2019.

As our venue is vegan, GRJ's potluck lunches for Rosh Hashanah will be too. Being vegan certainly doesn't mean missing out. In collaboration with JVS, we will be sharing amazing vegan recipes ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

If you have any questions relating to veganism, please be in touch with JVS Director Lara Balsam via Lara's favourite blogs for vegan recipes are:

Jewish Food Hero
Vegan Chef Day
Deliciously Ella
Minimalist Baker
Thug Kitchen
Rawsome Vegan Life
Isa Chandra
Oh She Glows
Green Kitchen Stories
Vegan Richa


We love cold salads and warm mains, and warm salads and cold mains! In fact, we love everything you bring, but can only serve what is vegan and fully prepared. Please make sure you bring a dish that is fully cooked or prepared, as we will not be able to do these things on-site, or have the space and resources to allow you to. Thank you!

You can check the list below to see what dish the first letter of your first name correlates to, in order to know what we would like you to bring to the potluck. Please label all food with every ingredient, so that we can keep track for those with allergies (even if you don't think an ingredient is an allergen, it could be for someone, so please do include all ingredients):

RH Day 1

  • A-J: Salad
  • K-N: Dips
  • O-Q: Mains
  • R-S: Desserts
  • T-U: Fruit
  • V-Z: Drinks

RH Day 2:

  • A-C: Drinks
  • D-H: Dips
  • I-M: Salads
  • N-P: Fruit
  • Q-S: Desserts
  • T-Z: Mains