Liturgy and kavanot: What’s exciting about the Shoots service is the flexibility to draw in a range of liturgical traditions and formats. Once service is planning on ‘renewal’ style with chants and sections of time for meditations. Other services will include more prayers in English whilst another will be pretty similar to the Roots Service, but led by two female leaders.  It is our first year and we are excited to see what blossoms.

Co-leadership: There are two leaders for each service working together to deepen and enrich our connection with each other, and with the High Holidays. These leaders are female or male alike.

Seating: There is different seating for each service. Some service leaders will use concentric circles, some will use rows, some will invite you to sit, stand or do whatever makes you feel comfortable, some may not use seats- wait and see!

Minyan: A quorum of ten people would be ideal to start each service.

Yom Kippur Minha reading: Have you seen the blog? We are reading the torah teach of when Joseph meets his brother Reuben in Egypt - An excellent story of forgiveness.

Rationale: At GRJ we love that we are made up of people who come from a range of Jewish traditions and denominations. Some of us grew up with Reform liturgy, some Liberal, some Renewal. Some have spiritual knowledge or practices from influences beyond Judaism – from zen meditation to ecstatic dance. There has been some growing enthusiasm for an additional style of service that can be inclusive of these progressive liturgies. Some of us are also keen to leave gender at the door when it comes to Jewish ritual and enable people of all genders to lead.  For those from an Orthodox background or accustomed that interpretation of Halacha of looking at things, this might not be your cup of tea. That’s cool but you are also welcome to come and explore. The best bit of creating a new type of service is how so many have come together in collaboration and have offered their ideas to co-create a dynamic, meaningful and enriching High holydays service. We look forward to seeing you there!