A message from Sophie & Ali, GRJ2016 Tzedakah Project' coordinators:

Every year we co-create a community full of warmth, friendship and brilliantcan-do attitude at GRJ. The Tzedakah Project sends this out beyond the religious and spiritual, and our postcode.  Our 2016 theme is Food and Refuge and our three partners are Clara Nehab House, The Bike Project, and FEAST!  
Food is an integral part of GRJ – all those pot-luck lunches! – and seeking refuge has been a recurring experience for Jewish community over the centuries.

We’ve designed the project so that you can contribute in different, equally valued ways, whether it is your time, your money, your support, or your singing voice!  Read on to find out how you can help.


The Bike Project

A brilliant charity which fixes second-hand bikes and donates them to asylum seekers & refugees, who often cannot afford public transport.

DONATE RIGHT NOW to our GRJ crowdfunding page: https://localgiving.org/fundraising/grj2016

We'll also be collecting donations for the Bike Project as part of your entry to Elul and 10Days events.


Donate your time to FEAST! every Thursday from 5.30-8.30pm, throughout Elul (September) and beyond.
Join Hannah, a GRJ2016 member, supported by a friendly and familiar crew cooking and sharing a delicious dinner with residents at a homeless shelter in Kilburn.
Sign up to help by completing this form.

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Clara Nehab House

A residential and dementia care home for the senior Jewish community, close to this year's venue. We want to reach a generation which is less represented at GRJ, and spend time with the residents; to hear their stories and to offer some beautiful Grassroots singing and ruach (spirit) in return. We are visiting them on 1 October, for Shabbat Dinner on Friday 7th October, and maybe once more if they'll have us back. Contact Ali if you'd like to visit them, on abodinsaphir(at)gmail(dot)com.


Have you got #refugenes? Looking for a practical way to help child refugees in Calais? Support the Safe Passage project to save lives

There are an estimated 150 unaccompanied children in the refugee camps around Calais who have family living in the UK. They currently live in abject poverty and constant risk of violence. Yet there is a legal route for them to be reunited with their families and afforded the care and safety they deserve. Safe Passage UK are this legal route. Many Jewish families here in the UK are the descendants of the Kindertransport children, who were saved in a very similar way, by private spoonsorship. We can do the same again.

Safe Passage UK needs to raise £2,000 per child to cover the cost of the legal process, transport and support the child will need to claim asylum here in Britain. Ultimately it is £2,000 to reunite them with their families. Please consider donating whatever you can by clicking here.