Names on tickets

Grassroots Jews (GRJ) Tickets are for named individuals only. Changes of names can be arranged, but you must email us before the end of 28/09/19 for Rosh Hashana Day 1 and Day 2, and before the end of 07/10/19 for Yom Kippur to let us know. No-one will be permitted to enter GRJ if their name is not on the ticketholders list.


GRJ takes the security of its events and members extremely seriously, as such, we will have CST volunteers, and paid security staff supporting our events. GRJ reserves the right to ask you to allow security staff and/or volunteers to search any bags or pushchairs you bring with you and also to ask you not to congregate on the forecourt outside the venue. All GRJ members are expected to comply with the requests of security staff and/or volunteers at all times.

Anti-social behaviour

GRJ aims to create a welcoming, inclusive community and as such, any behaviour that is deemed to be anti-social by GRJ’s co-ordinators may result in ejection from the event and refusal of requests for readmission. Examples of anti-social behaviour include (but are not limited to) any behaviour that is violent, dangerous, intimidating or offensive to other community members.

Fair verbal warning (ideally in the form of a private, polite and respectful conversation) will be given to advise any member that their behaviour has been interpreted to be anti-social, and all members will be entitled to stay in the event as long as they refrain from further anti-social behaviour following the verbal warning. Further anti-social behaviour following such a warning will lead to the member being asked to leave, and GRJ reserves the right to ask for professional security guard support in ejecting any members who refuse to leave after the above process has been followed.


GRJ is not planning to have any creche or babysitting facilities in 2019, although there will be Families sessions and Families spaces with toys and baby-changing facilities etc. All children must therefore be supervised by their parents/carers/responsible adult at all times.

Your Data

GRJ needs to collect some personal data from its members, including contact details, as part of the registration process. We will keep only the data we need, and will store it securely. We use your data for the purpose of running GRJ this year and in future years. This includes: keeping you up to date; running the welcome desk and security; and recruiting and coordinating volunteers.