We all do! Yes, you too!  

We create mindful Jewish community as we focus on making meaningful, inspiring Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services for ourselves, our families, and friends old and new.  We make it happen between now and October, gifting our time and skill in balance with the rest of our lives.  

When you join GRJ 2019  we will ask you some questions to find out what that could look like  for you, from creative visioning to hands on help, from logistics to love crew, from technical expertise to fabulous food.


This year, GRJ volunteering is (as the name suggests) voluntary, but we do encourage you all to take the plunge and sign up. We guarantee you’ll get more out of the grassroots experience than if you try to just consume it. Most of the volunteer shifts are things like: an hour on the kitchen crew, an hour on the welcome desk, or a couple of hours helping get the space ready before Rosh Hashana. In the past, the big job of creating these events has been carried by a small number of people, and we would dearly like to share the load and get a little help.

You can sign up for a 2019 volunteering shift here.

It's really important that our core volunteers do not burn out, and we need to take care of them! Hopefully, if everyone does a little bit, we can all feel like we are in it together. Please only sign up for shifts that you know you will be able to make, as it puts the team in an awkward position if you commit to volunteering and then fail to turn up… not a great way to start the new year! GRJ is entirely volunteer run, so we really value your input - thank you for chipping in!