We all do! Yes, you too!  

We create mindful Jewish community as we focus on making meaningful, inspiring Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services for ourselves, our families, and friends old and new.  We make it happen between now and October, gifting our time and skill in balance with the rest of our lives.  

When you join GRJ 2019  we will ask you some questions to find out what that could look like  for you, from creative visioning to hands on help, from logistics to love crew, from technical expertise to fabulous food.


This year, GRJ membership will be made up of both a volunteering and a financial contribution. We are doing this because GRJ is run by volunteers and we need quite a few of them to make it happen. Most of the volunteer shifts are things like: an hour on the kitchen crew, an hour on the welcome desk, or a couple of hours helping get the space ready before Rosh Hashana. In the past, the big job of creating these events has been carried by a small number of people, and we would dearly like to share the load and get a little help.

It's really important that our core volunteers do not burn out, and we need to take care of them! Hopefully, if everyone does a little bit, we can all feel like we are in it together. We will have a signup sheet for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur - you only need to sign up to one or the other. 


WHat are we looking for?

As we prepare for GRJ 2019, we are putting together teams of volunteers to co-ordinate the different activities that are needed to make Grassroots happen. Take a look at the teams you can join when you register. Or if you are interested in getting involved earlier, email us at grassrootsjews@gmail.com.

Set up/take down

Create a safe and comfortable space in which Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur will occur.

Role includes: Working with a team in the weeks before and days after the High Holidays to build the physical features of the space and take it down again.


Create a beautiful space in which Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur will occur. 

Role includes: Working with fellow volunteers to decorate the GRJ space in the run-up to GRJ.

Inclusivity/health and safety/ creating joy

Take the lead in ensuring that the GRJ space is as accessible as possible and support the set-up / décor team.

Role includes: Integrating with the set-up / décor team, make sure that they have all they need to do their work safely and happily.


Create a welcome and secure environment for members of GRJ on High holidays.

Role includes: Communications with security for the event, setting up welcome space in front of venue and sitting at the welcome space during the event to welcome other attendees.

Art installations

Have an idea for a piece of art / installation at GRJ? This is for you.

Role includes: creating or finding people to create art pieces around the venue.

General logistics

Not sure what you want to do for GRJ but are just generally keen on helping out?

Role includes: Deliveries or handyperson work or volunteering in the run-up or roaming support for other teams.


Recruit for and manage the organisation and process of people bringing food to Rosh Hashanah and preparing food spaces.

Role includes: Assigning food roles, managing and maintaining the kitchen space.

Parallel programme

Help create a meaningful, educational and creative parallel programme with excellent guest speakers and sessions.

Role includes: recruiting and supporting a diverse range of guest speakers, coordinating programme during GRJ

Volunteer Management

Recruit and support volunteers for GRJ, supporting volunteer wellbeing throughout their volunteering, allocate volunteers to teams when necessary


Create publications for RH and YK e.g. booklet for people to read during services, explanations about GRJ, anything else!


Create a space for families with young children, ensuring they have a meaningful and fun High Holy Days experience

Role includes: recruiting facilitators to run activities for children e.g. children’s service, baby yoga etc. and generally making sure children are looked after throughout GRJ!